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109,08 EUR*
Details HQ-Power-White-Quad-Disco-Dancer-Zubehr-schwarz-270x-300x-270mm

HQ POWER Quad Dancer weiß.LED-Effekt für Bühnen und Partys. 2 DMX Kanäle.. Automatischer Modus oder Steuerung über Musik.. 3 weiße LED von 3 Watt.

5,99 EUR*
Details Moviestore-Stefanie-Powers-als-April-Dancer-in-The-Girl-from-UNCLE-25x20cm-Schwarzwei-Foto

Unsere exklusiven Fotographien werden von uns professionell imeigenen Haus produziert. Alle Fotodrucke haben strahlend leuchtende Farben oder schöne Schwarz- und Weißtöne, perfekt für Zuhause oder das Büro. Unsere Bilder werden von originalen ...

20,00 EUR*
Details Circle-Dance-Celebrating-Sacred-Dance

Circle Dance June Watts is a leading figure in The Sacred Circle Dance movement. Here she describes every aspect of this growing movement, the people, the places, the dances, the music. All over the world people are awakening to the Sacred Power of ...

6,36 EUR*
Details Bethany-The-Ballet-Fairy-The-Dance-Fairies-Book-1-Rainbow-Magic-Band-1

Jack Frost's naughty goblins have stolen the Dance Fairies' magic ribbons and are hiding in the human world. Everywhere dance is being ruined! Rachel and Kirsty must help Bethany but the goblins' new powers won't make it easy...

7,10 EUR*
Details ConsciousnessFameGodMoneyPower

Hierosonic Consciousness . Fame . God . Money . Power . 01. Slave machine 3:28 02. Baphomet 3:41 03. The media taught you that 3:18 04. Tongues 3:21 05. You're mine 3:20 06. Dance to wat 3:04 07. Paper nation 3:09 08. Paradox 4:49 09 ...

14,17 EUR*
Details Greengrass-Pipe-Dancers-Crazy-Horses-Pipe-Bag-and-a-Search-for-Healing-Native-American-Paperback

Greengrass Pipe Dancers The saga of Crazy Horse's pipe bag, given to Dr. Henry Alexander Brown by the Lakotas, is recounted through amazing stories of its often uncanny power and the rich legacy behind it. Full description

16,45 EUR*
Details Invaders-Must-Die-CDDVD

THE PRODIGY RETURN WITH THEIR 5TH STUDIO ALBUM One of the dance scene's biggest & most influential acts return here with their much anticipated 5th studio album which features 11 new tracks full of electric dance/punk, noise and power

9,60 EUR*
Details Liffey-Rivers-And-The-Secret-Of-The-Mountain-Of-The-Moon-The-Liffey-Rivers-Irish-Dancer-Mysteries-Band-3

Liffey Rivers and the Secret of the Mountain of the Moon The ancient Irish believed that people were affected by the cycles of the moon and that the moon had real power over the deeds of men. After dancing at an Irish dancing competition (feis) in ...

27,06 EUR*
Details Tightrope-5-Remastered

Reissue of the 1986 second album by the Japanese power metal band. Remastered by Chris Tsangarides. With bonus tracks "Back Street Groove", "Still Im In Chain(previously unreleased)", "Ready To Ride", "Shed", and "Tightrope Dancer(vocal retake)".

27,99 EUR*
Details Latinos-Inc-The-Marketing-Making-of-a-People

Both Hollywood and corporate America are taking note of the marketing power of the growing Latino population in the United States. And as salsa takes over both the dance floor and the condiment shelf, the influence of Latin culture is gaining momentum ...

66,64 EUR*
Details Indians-and-Wannabes-Native-American-Powwow-Dancing-in-the-Northeast-and-Beyond

"An excellent introduction to the many complexities and facets of powwows. It entices the reader to recognize the importance of bodies in motion--in particular, dance--in forging social worlds and mediating power relations."--Zoila Mendoza, author of ...